The new gaming operators are coming up strong!

On a market as competitive as the casino market, the gaming operators can never take anything for granted. These days, new casinos are entering the scene on an almost weekly basis, and all of them are hungry to steal the customers from other gaming websites. This is done by offering some really good bonus and freespin-campaigns in order to get the players attracted, and after that, they try to keep the player locked inusing various email campaigns and special offers. On this market, you can’t really expect a player to stay on the same website for too long, as there are always new and exciting gaming platforms that open up, that have even better games and bonuses. As a gaming company, you can’t give out too many bonuses either, as you will start losing money in the end. Naturally, this means that some of the new casinos will get weeded out and die, whereas others will establish themselves properly on the market. In this article I want to go over a couple of casinos that have really made it big in the last couple of years.

LeoVegas started out a couple of years ago, and I found out about them after reading an article online. LeoVegas was one of the absolute first casinos to focus mainly on mobile games, which turned out to be a massively good strategy, as more and more people these days are playing casino games on their mobile phone and tablets. They offer both slot machines, roulette and online blackjack on their mobile platform. LeoVegas also have one of the most generous starting offers available today – with €700 in bonuses as well as 180 freespins for new customers. They can get away with these kinds of bonuses because their product is simply so good. Had the casino been very average, you could be sure that players would have signed up t the website in order to get their initial bonuses, and then cash out as quickly as possible and desert the website in order for a new one – But LeoVegas has really managed to come up with a winning concept here.

Another great example is the Swedish CasinoSaga, that has become extremely popular in Europe since it launched in early 2014. Here, they have managed to build a whole adventure around the casino experience itself, and they differ themselves massively from pretty much every other casino out there. Here, they’ve built a storyline, and the game takes part on a fictional island where you have certain goals to reach and a mission to complete. You complete the missions by playing the various casino games, and for every mission that you complete, you advance in the game. Here too, you have some really good bonuses to get you started, and new players can get as much as 500 freespins when making their first deposit. Here again, players stay at the website because the product is really good.