What it’s like to be a bingo chat host

One of my first jobs that I ever got was as a bingo chat manager at one of the more popular bingo websites in Europe. I remember when I got the job – I thought it was going to be the strangest job ever! It did sound a bit weird – to sit in a bingo chat room everyday and talk to bingo players. However, I also thought it would be a piece of cake. Now, after a couple of years, I have to say that it really was one of the most fun and interesting jobs I have ever had. In this article I want to share some of my experiences working for an online bingo company.

The first thing you notice, is that the job isn’t boring at all. You actually get to meet the people that play on the website, and after a while you get to know them. We used to have several regular players that would be in on a daily basis. It didn’t take long until you started to develop friendly relationships with these players, and very often we would have a good laugh in the chat room and crack jokes with each other. Together we all contributed, and made the bingo experience positive for everyone who was in the rooms. Of course, it would sometimes happen that someone would get a bit murky and start complaining about the fact that they never win. It was during these times I learned one of the most important skills of the job: How to turn people around! It’s a really good feeling when you manage to change another person’s mood for the better. If someone’s having a real bad time, and you manage to make that person laugh and feel a little better.

I think one of the most important skills to have when you work in an online bingo room is to be patient and positive. Sometimes there will be a couple of hours when there aren’t many people in the chat room, and during these times it’s easy to sort slack of and start being bored. It’s during these times you have to push extra hard to make the vibe good in the chat room – despite the fact that there aren’t many people there. Believe it or not, you can actually have just as much fun when you’re 7 people as you can when you are 50 people in the chat room! One online bingo room that has a very good chat vibe is balloonbingo.com!

In terms of stress I didn’t think it was too bad, although I have always been able to manage stress quite well. Sometimes during the evenings, the job can get quite stressful, as the chatroom will be very crowded during certain bonus times and happy hours, where bingo cards are much cheaper. All of a sudden you get 70 people in the chatroom, at which points the chat games become very over crowded and you have to work hard to manage to sort everything out in time.

Another thin you have to do as a chat manager is to take care of the customer support. You will have to answer tickets and emails that customers send to you. This part of the job is fairly simple once you get to know how everything works. In the beginning it can be really hard to know the answers to peoples questions, but as long as you have good co-workers it’s easy to learn.

I think I would definitely recommend this job to almost anyone. Obviously, it might not be a full time carreer, but as a first job it’s definitely a good first step into into the corporate world!

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